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Digital event camera rental
Rent digital cameras for weddings and events Rent digital camer events and weddings Digital camera rental for events provides a digital camera rental and online event photo hosting service. Our digital cameras are used in place of traditional disposable cameras that have been commonly provided to guests at wedding receptions and special events in the past to capture all the candid fun and excitement of the event. Our cameras are 100% insured against damage and loss providing our customers with a worry free experience. For more details visit our Digital Camera Rental page or call our toll free number at 1 (888) 704-8316

Digital camera rental for events

Capture photos and videos of your event


1. We ship the cameras
Digital event camera shipping
Your order of fully insured cameras are shipped in our protective carry cases guaranteed for arrival at least two business days before the event. (save the packaging material and enclosed return shipping label)
2. Distribute the cameras
Use in place of disposable cameras at weddings or any special event. Guests have much more fun using cameras rather than disposables because they can actually see the photos they are taking!
3. Collect the cameras and enjoy your photos
After the event collect all the cameras and use the supplied memory card reader to download photos directly from the cameras to your personal computer for immediate enjoyment.
4. Return the cameras
Place the cameras back in the shipping box and attach the return address label and ship the cameras back to

For more info visit our Digital Camera Rental page.


Our digital cameras offer:
Digital event camera rental
• More fun
Everyone has more fun using cameras rather than disposables because they can actually see the photos and video they are taking!

• More photos + better photos
Each camera is capable of taking hundreds of photos per camera and more photos are actually "keepers" because of the ability for guest to review the photos they take.

• Lower cost per print + Higher quality prints

Only print the photos you wish and save money by not developing low quality prints from disposable cameras plus our eight mega-pixel cameras produce prints far superior to any disposable camera.

• Record video and audio
Event guests are not limited to still photography, our cameras also record video with full audio.


• Weddings
Use in place of disposable cameras and place one at each guest table. Make it even more fun and stage a photo scavenger for your wedding guests.

• Wedding rehearsals
Some of our clients pass the cameras out to close friends, family or members of the wedding party at the beginning of the wedding weekend so they can capture the everything from the wedding rehearsal to the reception.
• Photo scavenger hunts

• Reunions

• Bridal/baby showers

For more details visit our Photo Sharing Device page.


From our digital photo and video cameras to our Multimedia Station, we can securely upload your images to our web site so you and your guests will have one central location to view all of your event’s photos and videos. Miss some photos? No problem. Your guests can upload picture files easily Online event photo hosting
For more details visit our Event Photo Site page.


Collect photos and videos of your event


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